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WF3/12 Universal 6 Axis Milling Machine

CNC Controlled Milling Machine with true 5-axis machining capability

Basic Machine

A universal vertical boring and milling machine type WF3/12, 6 axes under CNC, with the Fidia M2 or Fanuc 15 MB control in standard design. With one set of accessories to the machine. The machine is provided to the US market with 460 volt operating voltage, 60 cycles.

Six axes of motion: w-slide.jpg (12267 bytes)

  • X = Longitudinal movement of table
  • Y = Transverse movement of table
  • Z = Vertical movement of spindle head carrier at column
  • C = Circular movement of the table
  • B = Rotation of the spindle from vertical to horizontal 90 degrees in 2 directions
  • W = Movement of the milling spindle


Machine Accuracy

  • Accuracy of the machine to VDI/DGQ 3441: Direct Path Measurement
  • Position allowance: Tp = 0.02 mm/m or .0008/39.4" absolute to ± 3 sigmas.
  • Repeatability tolerance: Ps = 0.01 mm or .0004" absolute to ± 3 sigmas.
  • Volumetric Accuracy: 0.002" Overall

Machine is equipped with:

  • Heavily cross-ribbed, cast-iron machine construction.
  • Larger diameter precision ground ball-screws for linear slides.
  • Direct slide position feedback using glass scales.
  • Large working range of machine due to long X and Y Axes.
  • 3 axes under CNC (X, Y, Z).
  • Fidia M2 control./li>
  • Pendant mounted operator's control station.
  • Defined spindle stop (standard with automatic tool changer).
  • Digital readout for all axes mounted into the pendant.
  • Control pendant height adjustable and laterally swivellable.
  • 32 kW (44 HP) AC main spindle drive (at 60% rating).
  • Electro-hydraulic drawbar.
  • Automatic milling spindle speed change through the whole range.
  • Hydraulic counter balance for the spindle head carrier.
  • Oil chiller for the headstock gearbox.
  • Backlash free feed drives.
  • Anti-collision system between column and table.
  • Automatic central lubrication system.
  • Coolant circulation system
  • Machine light.

Mechanical Design

Single column machine with large longitudinal, cross and vertical traverses. Bed-type design with rugged absorption of cutting forces and workpiece weights by well-dimensioned design of the bed, column, and cross-slides. Cast-iron construction providing large static/dynamic rigidity. Slideway faces of dense structure, mating counter-guideways with anti-friction coating, giving a balanced relationship between static and dynamic friction. Additional transverse guidance via preloaded, hardened and ground roller bearings.

All controlled axes are equipped with individual fast response and maintenance-free, AC servo motors. Feed drives of axes X, Y, Z are designed without backlash, via preloaded, precision ball bearings and preloaded gears.

The milling head may be swiveled through 90 degrees to the horizontal position on either side of vertical. Integral with the milling head is a 300 mm or 11.81" boring slide which may be fed either at feed or rapid traverse, at any angular position of the head.

  • Automatic programmable hydraulic clamping of all axes.
  • Measuring system for X, Y, Z by Heidenhain Linear Scale.
  • Slip clutch on main drive with disconnection of feed drive in case of overload.
  • Coolant circulation equipment.
  • Automatic central lubrication for longitudinal, transverse, spindle head carrier and milling slide motions.
  • Flexible steel way covers for X, Y, Z axes.
  • Low noise level: La max. 75 dab. Sound level transmitted by air La max. = 75 dBA will not be exceeded.

Separate control cabinet, main switch with safety interlock, power pack and control components to ruling VDE standards for machine tools. AC main spindle motor, air cooled with filter. Hardwired and software limit switches safeguard each axis end position from over travel. Control voltage 110 volts AC and 24 volts DC. Pendant mounted operator’s control panel.


Metric Inch

Working Range

Work table length x width 1800 x 1200 mm 71 x 47.2"

Work table number x width of T-slots 10 x 18 mm 10 x .7"


Maximum Feed Travels

Longitudinal movement of table (X) 1800 mm 71.0"

Transverse movement of table (Y) 1200 mm 47.2"

Circular movement of table (C) 0-360°

Vertical travel of head carrier (Z) 860 mm 34"

Swivel of milling head, either side of vertical (B axis) +/-90°

Front milling and boring slide travel (W) 300 mm 11.8"

Throat of milling spindle 1230 mm 48.4"

Maximum workpiece height 1000 mm 39.4"

Maximum load on table 4000 kg 8,800 lb.


Feed Rates

Longitudinal/Transverse Travel of Table (X, Y axes)

Electro-mechanic (inf. variable) 4-5000 mm/min. .16-197"/min.

Rapid traverse 10 m/min. 394"/min.

Slow feed 4 mm/min. 0.16"/min.

Vertical Movement of Spindle Head Carrier (Z axis)

Electro-mechanic (inf. variable) 4-5000 mm/min. .16-197"/min.

Rapid traverse 10 m/min. 394"/min.

Slow feed 4 mm/min. 0.16"/min.

Circular Movement of Table (C axis)

Electro-mechanic (inf. variable) 4-5000 mm/min. .16-197"/min.

Rapid traverse 10 m/min. 394"/min.

Slow feed 4 mm/min. 0.16"/min.

Milling Spindle Slide Movement (W axis)

Electro-mechanic (inf. variable) 2-800 mm/min. .08-31.5"/min.

Rapid traverse 2 m/min. 157.5"/min.

Slow feed 2 mm/min. .08"/min.

Swivel Movement of Milling Head (B axis)

Electro-mechanic (inf. variable) 4-5000 mm/min. .16-197"/min.

Rapid traverse 10 m/min. 394"/min.

Slow feed 4 mm/min. 0.16"/min.


Milling Spindle

Spindle speed range - infinitely variable 22.4-3150 rpm

Spindle taper (DIN 2079 or DIN 69871) ISO No. 50

Diameter in front bearing 100 mm 3.94"

 Motor Rating

Spindle drive (AC motor) at 60% rating 32 kW 44 HP

Table feed drive, longitudinal 4.3 kW 5.7 HP

transverse 4.3 kW 5.7 HP

spindle head carrier 4.3 kW 5.7 HP

milling spindle slide movement. 2.0 kW 2.9 HP

milling head swivel movement. 3.3 kW 4.4 HP

Hydraulic clamping, pump motor .75 kW 1.0 HP

Coolant pump motor .3 kW 0.4 HP

Tool changer pump motor 5.5 kW 7.3 HP

Automatic switching - torque motor 2 x.04 kW .1 kW .13 HP

Central lubrication - B axis .07 kW .09 HP

Central lubrication - general .07 kW .09 HP

Central lubrication spindle stock .55 kW .73 HP

Cooling for control cabinet and NC-control .5 kW .66 HP

Total connected electrical load approx. 65 kW 87 HP



Machine unpacked 19000 kg 41,800 lb.

Packed for ocean transport (cases) 22000 kg 48,400 lb.

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