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Duomat/Stähli Fine Grinding Machines

Duomat Double Sided Fine Grinder.

Fine grinding replaces lapping without giving up lapping tolerance holding capability - and does so in 1/20 of the time! The Duomat machines produce flatness and parallelism to .5 microns (20 millionths of an inch) on average sized parts of 3 to 4 inches in diameter and will hold size, load to load, within 2 micron (80 millionths of an inch). The CNC versions are completely auto cycling. All of the cycle variables including approach time or size, light touch time or size, beginning grind pressure, grind pressure, size at lower pressure grind, and finish size dimension are all programmable. The rate of wheel rotation and direction, and the rate and direction of rotation of the rotary carriers are also fully programmable.

Below are thumbnails that show the rotary carriers on the table (which is actually the lower grinding wheel), the dressing mechanism, and the inner and outer drive pins. The outer drive pins can be programmed to raise and lower in cycle to accommodate automated loading. The inner drive pins revolve and drive the rotary carriers in a planetary motion which produces the close tolerance holding nature of fine grinding.

Rotary Carriers, Dresser Arm and Carrier Drive Rings.

Key Benefits

[Bullet] Eliminates slow and costly lapping without giving up close tolerances.
[Bullet] Can grind glass, ceramic and carbides with super abrasives as well!
[Bullet] Eliminates pre-machining operations often required for lapping.

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